Sunday, 25 December 2016

Have you decided your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2017?

Using Social Media for Branding & Marketing your Products, Services, Blogs or even some news is not new. The Social Media has become a mature platform for Digital Marketing all over the World. Making the right use of it can definitely benefit your Business. This is not a task to be completed in 1 day or 1 week. This is a long term Digital Marketing task.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have their own commercial platforms and clicking on 'boost your post' is not the Digital Marketing. Each of them has business sites related to using serious digital marketing and you can run digital campaigns from these sites. The money spent on campaigns is directly proportional to the visits or popularity but it does not give you a guarantee for Business Conversion or Sale. 

Pinterest and Instagram can also be used for marketing. YouTube has it's wide base of users and has a commercial platform for Businesses to market their products and services. YouTube Ads are very famous and effective way of marketing. Not to forget the power of Blogs in Social Media Marketing. They could be very informative as well as promotional.

Google commercial platform is Google Adwords, Facebook has Facebook Adverts and you can create Ads using these platform related to user's search criteria (Pull Marketing) or related to Display Ads (Push Marketing). The Ads need to be displayed (impression) in thousands of times to get some effect of your product or service and for the prospective customers there are different ways to follow them on internet like Remarketing techniques. This is getting changed very often!

Publishing posts on Facebook, Updates on LinkedIn, Sending Tweets and Adding collections to Google Plus are basic ways of Social Media Marketing and there is much more one need to do for branding and advertising. You need to remember that Social Media Marketing takes considerable time to create an impact. You should plan a good Social Media Strategy with your Consultant and implementation time should be minimum of 3 months to see some good effect. To make it more effective, the strategy should be combined with Search Engine Optimisation.

SMM is a low cost high traffic powerful digital marketing method. Let us know your Social Media Marketing Goals for 2017 &  if you would like to discuss your SMM Strategy. Any Small Business need to pay attention to Social Media Optimisation and Marketing.

Common Terms / Abbreviations used in this reference:
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
SEM - Search Engine Marketing
SMO - Social Media Optimisation
SMM - Social Media Marketing

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