Friday, 6 January 2017

A 20 Point Checklist for a High-Performance Team

Each team goes the four stages of team formation. Once you go through Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing and reach a steady state of performing, the focus should be on High Performance of the Team.

Convert each of these points to a question and ask it in your team meeting and assign one point for a ‘YES’ answer to each of the points in below list. (Making entire team agree for each Yes answer is not as simple as you may think!) If your team gets less than ten points, you need to work a lot as a team. If your team obtains between 10 and 15 points, you are in good shape and can keep improving. If you get 20/20 points; you are fortunate to be part of the current team.
  1. Team members are passionate about the work they perform
  2. Team decides outcome based goals & not the Team Leader
  3. Team leader is not the one who decides performance of the team
  4. Team members stay focused on the Team Goals & not on individual goals
  5. The performance does not depend on whether the team is collocated or distributed
  6. This team follows an agreed process relevant for a particular task
  7. Team is aware of the larger picture and not working only to complete their part
  8. Stay challenged for challenges set by Organisation or set by themselves
  9. Ready to accept the performance challenge
  10. Considers themselves as a unit of improving the Organisation performance
  11. Team members have clear understanding of their role and responsibilities
  12. Each team members is aware of role and responsibilities of other team members
  13. This group always thinks about how to overcome challenges and hurdles
  14. They care about the quality of the work done as a team
  15. By their continuous performance, they are building commitment
  16. They select members based on skills and performance and no other factors
  17. The members believe in good & open communication and trust each other
  18. They believe they are responsible and accountable for the tasks assigned to them
  19. They introspect the mistakes and failures and celebrate the success
  20. They fail as a Team and succeed as a Team!

If you are working as a Team, share the points obtained by your team in comments :)

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