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Thanks for your interest in reading this blog. This was originally a blog only for General Reading. Articles were posted on this blog on any topic and were circulated amongst family and friends. There was a big gap in between as we were focussing on our other two blogs. Information Technology and Career Development sections of our Science and Technology Blog are shifted to this Blog. This blog is promoting Small Business & has also started contributing as a Tech Blog.

This blog is now converted to a Lifestyle, Career Development, Technology & Business Blog. We initially intend to cover below categories & may go on expanding the scope with reader response. Small Business also covers IT & IT enabled Startups. We would like to see hundreds of small businesses from India posting their information on this blog.

Information Technology (referred here as Technology category) is another area covering almost all industries in the World! So, we would like to cover Software Development, SDLC, Software Development related Project Management (Waterfall and Agile) and technology related articles over here.

We all would like to know what’s new in the technology world and this blog will try to cover these subjects. The articles are welcome from the experts in this field and we will allow Guest posting with some limitations.

There are a countless number of Mobile Apps available on all mobile platforms now and an App savvy person would like to know what’ the new App they can download? Is it doing something cool? Hey, are you still using old WhatsApp version? Has something changed in video share functionality? I would love to have that capability in my WhatsApp. An elderly person would like to know about few Apps which really makes their life easy and they can do a lot of work without running around.

If most of the readers of the blog are related to Information Technology, they would like to know what’s going on in the IT world. It could be in IBM in the United States or Infosys in India. They would like to know about the big things the IT Corporates are working on & whether Big Data is still the buzz word amongst data scientists. The cutting edge technologies are important for the new generation as they are very selective about their career. People would like to know whether they can continue getting work in the Java platform or they need to switch to some other technology.

Digital Marketing, Content Writing, SEO, SEM, SMM  are all the buzz words today on Technology blogs. There are multiple things happenings in this space every single day and we would like to cover the latest changes as much as possible. 

The News could be Verizon acquiring Yahoo or LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft. This business news can be of a lot of interest to people all around the world who are either users of this social media sites or are interested in the business aspect of it. The techie guys will look at it from a different perspective. This can be covered under Digital Marketing or Information Technology (IT) section.

We welcome all suggestions & comments on the Blog posts. If you want to suggest us particular topics which you want to see on this blog, please send us your suggestions through Contact us Page. Thanks.

To avail of our Content Writing, SEO, and IT Services, you can click on this link and have a look at our website. Submit the contact us form through our website or blog and we will get back to you asap.

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