Friday, 16 December 2016

Start your own Science Activity Centre for School children

What is a Science Activity Centre?
A Science Activity Centre is a place where School children can be engaged in Science Activities. It is basically an after School / Out of School activity where the children should enjoy the activities and learn Science through Activities & Experiments. In short, this is 'Learning Science through Experiments'. This can be a great Small Business.

What is the preferred Age Group of this Children?
The preferred age group is 5 years to 15 years. This can slightly vary based on at what age children started Schooling.

What do you need to start a Science Activity Centre?
A place of your own or rented (you can start in a small place like 200 sq. ft. also). Based on # of children, you may require a bigger place.

What should be your Qualification?
If you are a Science Graduate, Post Graduate it definitely helps but it is not must. You should have done Science at School level and should like experiments, activities.
Good for Homemakers, Teachers, Small Business owners, Women entrepreneurs. 

How much investment you need?
You can start with a small investment of Rs. 1 to 1.5 lakhs (US $ 2000)
This includes training fees, training material, raw material & kits

What all things you need to get started?

  • You need to gather at least 10 students to get started
  • You will need raw material & Science Kits to start (Small Investment)
  • You need to understand how to conduct these activities (Training)

Is there any Training available?
Yes, we provide In-person training in Pune, India & we can provide Online training for anybody outside Pune or even outside India.

Where can you see some more information / photographs?
Browse the Science Category of this blog:

Can you do this on a long term?
Yes! You can go on investing additional money as your Centre grows.
You can even contact Schools / Classes in your area and conduct such sessions in the School on Tuition Classes on a weekly basis.
Conduct Science Day, Science Week, Science Saturday.

See and like the Facebook Page for Activity Photographs:

This is very exciting for the children and you can generate regular monthly income while working from your home or any small business place. Encourage children, encourage their parents. Spread Science & Scientific attitude in the children. More use of Information Technology, Robots can turn this centre into a Technology training centre also.

Consider Selling Science Kits along with this business. This is part of our Science as well as Tech Blog initiative.

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