Friday, 16 December 2016

Sell Science Kits - Consider with Science Activity Centre

What about selling Science (or educational) kits and kinesthetic activities for Children?
There are multiple businesses in India which are into the business of manufacturing these kits. It is extremely difficult to understand which ones are good and which has only good box packing! We have spent considerable time in this area and we can tell you what to buy, what works, what doesn't work, which are real educational kits and which are fake!
Do not buy the kits without knowing the details!  This can be your Small Business.

You can consider this as an additional business along with Science Activity Centre explained in another post on this Blog.

Different Scenarios to get started with this Business:

1. If you already have a shop where you are selling items for School children, these items could be additional items for you to sell

2. If you don't own a shop, you can start selling these kits from home, in your housing complex, in your School, in your club, etc.

3. If you have an online stores, get the catalogue / buy these items and start uploading the details on your e-stores and start selling them.

How can you buy these items?

You can buy these items from different Kit manufacturers / distributors in India.

What kind of kits, Educational Items are available?
Paper based models, models and kits made up of plastic, wooden or metal parts
The kits are related to experiments with Air, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism, Electronics, Physics, Optics, Light and much more. You can also buy material & equipments for performing experiments. There are kits for mathematics also. (Avoid buying any chemicals or glass equipments from remote places)

What is the minimum Order value?
You can start with Rs. 30000 (or USD $500) as the initial investment. Most manufacturers need that value of minimum order. Shipping charges are generally extra

What kind of commission (margin) you can make on this sell?
You generally start with 10% of the margin (Gross profit) on these kits, so you need to buy and sell them in Quantity. The margins increase with Quantity buying. Some manufacturers leave it to you to decide the best selling price!

How can you get started?
Ask for a catalogue / list of kits with prices, order them through email / online and get started. Be specific about the details as there are many similar products.

Need more Information?
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