Sunday, 25 December 2016

Understanding Best Email Clients and Web based Email

Almost every Internet user is using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or some other web based email commonly known as webmail, where you access your emails only with the help of a web browser. You have to log in to your email account from anywhere with any digital device and you can receive and send emails. This is a more common form of email communication for personal users and small businesses.

When large Companies, Government Offices, Banks would like to have an email system for all their workforce, they want total control over the data and even the email servers within their domain. They prefer an email system called as Email clients. The Outlook Express which comes free with Windows and Outlook which is a part of MS Office are examples of Email clients.

Webmail is easy to access, free for users and can be accessed without any additional software on your device except the web browser. The email client has to be installed and emails can be accessed only from the system, where the client software is installed. It is a secure way of storing emails and email archives. The backup process for the email clients is also very easy.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the oldest and famous email client. This is available on Windows and macOS platforms. There are multiple releases of this Software and the latest is MS Outlook 2016. Easy to use ‘email client’ and very popular amongst many Corporates.

IBM Notes (This was earlier known as Lotus Notes) is another email client with a functionality to use the same platform for small office application development. Being an IBM product, it is still being used by many of the IBM customers all over the World.

Apple Mail (common name Mail) is the default email client on Apple Mac machines. This is available on macOS, iOS, and watchOS. This was originally developed by NeXT and became Apple mail after Apple's acquisition of NeXT.

Mozilla Thunderbird email client comes with Firefox browser under Mozilla public licence. This client has some great features and is one of the famous free emails clients.

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based service for all Office products including Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac. The services are enabled over the internet. They are also called as Cloud based services. Similarly, Gmail for business can also be used as a cloud-based service. Look for more technology based articles on your favourite Tech Blog.

As there are so many email clients and different types of emails, there are add-on products available for these emails like products to backup these emails, convert one email database file format to another and so on. In the category of free email clients, you have many more options available. This is useful information for Small Business.

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