Friday, 27 January 2012

Vande Mataram

Yesterday's (26-Jan-2012) Republic Day did not started on a good note.  A mad state transport driver went on a rampage mowing down eight persons and injuring 27 others, on Thursday morning & it was the only news in the town whole day on Thursday and Friday. 8 innocent people died in this person's madness for no fault of them. The Republic day News Paper was full of this shocking story. Everybody has condemned this act, whatever is the reason behind this & is just not acceptable.

On this Republic Day, I attended my Children's School's Flag Hoisting Ceremony. For various reasons, I could not attend any 15th Aug or 26th Jan Flag Hoisting ceremony in any School for many years & it was a pleasant experience on this otherwise dull morning. The students were really enthusiastic, energetic & and the whole atmosphere was very lively. So many things have changed since my School days but it was good to see at least some good things are still being carried forward by the Young Generation.

Those of you who are not living in India for many years must have missed the Drum bits ('Dhol', 'Tasha'), the students performing lathi play, lezim dance and traditional dance and functions showing Unity in Diversity. It was all there yesterday & in all a great experience after many years! On the lighter side, the Chief Guest gave a speech on 'Independence Day' instead of 'Republic day' but let's not worry too much about that :-)

What I would like to remember from this program is the little ones dancing to the tune of "Ye Mera India, I love my India"!

Jay Hind ! 

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