Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Do you guys remember of waiting at the college notice board in the crowd and hurriedly copying some important notes, time table, portion, etc or one of the friends reading it loud and others copying?

Now the students don't do all these ('so called stupid') things ! I was amazed the way these things are shared within college students now! One person who sees the notice, for example the 'exam time table' first, takes a pic of it with his/her cell phone camera. Then it's immediately shared with others on 'bluetooth' who are aroud. For those who normally never come to college (by the way it's a new fashion not to go to college for other than Practicle and Exam!) via the most used site by these netizens..yes Facebook ! Then these students download the time table on their cell phones ! Within half an hour all students at College, Home or at any other place gets the time table !

This is called using technology smartly ! :-)

Keep watching / learning the amazing use of Technology from these Netizens..mostly our children !

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