Thursday, 17 May 2018

Ways to Lower Your AC Cost in Summer

The cost of energy consumption is quite expensive in summer. To help you cut down on the costs attached to air conditioning usage, we have given you some simple guidelines you can follow and you can also reduce your energy bills while still maintaining a pleasant atmosphere both at home and in office.

Upgrade Your Windows
 If your home has old windows and that are not energy efficient then upgrade new energy efficient windows and lower the cost of cooling your home. While installing the new windows some cost is involved but you will make it up in the long run with lower bills.
Install Programmable Thermostat
  The programmable Thermostat is the energy efficient tool. This tool cut energy by adjusting the temperature while you are sleep. The programmable thermostat you can set the program what hours your home will be vacant and when you will be sleep. This practice avoids your hassle of constantly adjusting your thermostat. According to the researcher using a programmable thermostat, you can reduce the cost by up to 10% annually and also automate your process.
Use Ceiling Fans:
 The ceiling fan doesn’t cool the room but it makes the atmosphere more comfortable. The fan also circulates the cool air generated by your air conditioner so that air conditioner need to pump less air into a room. Fan also provides the comfortable temperature to the room at reduce cost.
 Keep your roof a light color:
 The roof color also matters a lot to keep your house or office cold. If your roof has dark color then roof can reach a temperature of 1500F or more in the summer sun. If you want to make your house or office cool then paint your roof with light color because the light color has reflective property and keep your roof temperature 500 F.
Keep clean your air conditioner system:
Keeping your air conditioner clean is the effective one. The clogged and dirty filters block the normal airflow and reduce the system efficiency significantly. The dirt in the filter obstructs the airflow and impairs the evaporator. By replacing your filter you can lower your air conditioners energy consumption by 10% to 15%.
Reduce the emissions of heat.
First of all turned off the unused areas of light of your home because of this activity you can reduce the emission of heat inside your home. Some electrical appliances such as ovens, printers and other equipment emit the heat and this will increase the air conditioner cost.
To maintain comfort in high temperatures and make a smaller air conditioning unit more useful then use the dehumidifying system in high humidity climates.

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