Thursday, 10 May 2018

Types Of HVAC

The term HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. For controlling the climate such as temperature, air flow, and humidity the HVAC system play an important role. The HVAC system comes in a broad range of size and complexity. The HVAC system is also useful for providing the fresh outdoor air to your home, office, and at industries. In this article, you know about the different types of HVAC system according to your requirement.
Single Zone HVAC:
This type of HVAC system serves only one area of a building. Every room covered in this area have similar cooling and heating vents that are controlled by a common thermostat. This system is mostly popular in colder winter climates and hot and humid areas respectively. The system is also available in variable fan speeds for creating a variable air flow.
Multiple Zones HVAC:
Multiple Zones HVAC system covered more than one area of building with cooling and heat. In multiple zone HVAC systems, each zone has different temperature regulated with separate thermostats.
Zoned Systems:
By controlling zone valves and zone dampers inside the vents or ductwork the zoned HVAC system can heat or cool individual areas of your home. By using zoned systems you not only save energy but also save money by only heating or cooling certain areas when you need it.
Constant Volume:
In constant volume HVAC system each zone designed with a constant volume of airflow. In this system, a temperature is changed by switching the HVAC unit on or off.
Humidity Control:
From a name you can easily understand that this system designed in such a way so that this can easily control the humidity. Using these systems you can automatically control the humidity levels in a home as you heat and cool, through this is not available forced water heating systems that use boilers.
 Variable Volume:
Through variable volume HVAC system, a user can change or vary the cooled or heated air delivered to every zone. This type of HVAC system mostly used in overcool or overheats areas.
Radiant System:
The radiant HVAC system designed with metal pipes and through which cold and hot water pass for cooling or heat the air before it is released into the room. This is an old-fashioned system and mostly available in older homes and building.
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