Friday, 11 May 2018

Business Challenges for Small and Medium Businesses

The first challenge for a Startup could be a viable idea which has good potential to turn around into a profitable business. Idea must be brain-stormed and discussed with selected people and tested as a concept. Concept to realization is where you can talk to a mentor.

Finance or Funding is always considered as immediate requirement which is not really true. If you have entered the business with some financial preparation, you should be good. Funding comes at a later stage.

Field marketing, Print media Advertisements and Digital Marketing are all the ways you can try for marketing and unless you have proper guidance, it may take you an year to understand the right way or right mix.

Sales is the most important Business process where your revenue is going to be generated. Sales executives need to be trained and their efforts should be directed in right directions for them being successful.

Practical Exposure:
Most of the training you acquire gets you lot of theoretical knowledge but there are very few opportunities to understand how a business works and grows. Such exposure is very much essential.

Business beyond boundaries:
You may be able to grow your business within your local area or City but growing beyond that need different strategy. Growing your business in other cities and outside the country is a major part of your expansion and you need good guidance here.

Though all above points are important and an entrepreneur can learn them through his / her own experience, find a Guru to save lot many years and considerable amount in experimentation.

We have a Business Lab program for startup owners as well as for entrepreneurs who are already in business and working for a big leap. It is a one year certification program with lots of hands-on experience, workshops, training, visit to companies and industries and actual working with businesses.

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