Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to get started with a Small Business or a Startup?

Small Business for the purpose of this post, is anything which is not asking for Public funds and gets started at home or a small business place (may be a shop or small office ). You can consider a small business like a list of small businesses published on this blog or an IT enabled Startup also.

Steps to get started with a Small Business / Startup:
  • Explore internet for different Business Ideas
  • Discuss with friends and family about the idea
  • Know about the Customers (Understand the Target Market)
  • Study the competition in the Market
  • Finalise on a Business Idea (Don't take more than 3 months to reach this stage)
  • Arrange for the minimum funds to get started and sustain for at least 1 year
  • Validate the Business Idea
  • Decide a Business Name
  • If possible decide a Logo also
  • Plan a strategy to launch the business
  • Register your Business
  • Obtain Business licenses ( as required)
  • Create an Online presence
  • Start creating Unique Selling Points (USP)
  • Start Business operations
  • Revisit the Business Model every three months for first one year
  • Get into discussions with professional consultant
  • Focus o  Quality of service / product
  • Get customer feedback at regular intervals
  • Keep reading about other small businesses

When to look for Consultation in your Small Business?

Small business need to go through lot of struggle period can be always looking for a Mentor or a Small Business Consultant. This Consultant will be helpful in below cases:
  • You want to discuss a Business Idea and viability of the same
  • You want a Consultant's view about your overall business model
  • Analysis of your Business (Current status)
  • Decide Business Strategy
  • Understand fundraising ways for the business
  • Get additional funds (investments or loan)
  • Ways to improve the leads
  • Ways to improve lead conversions
  • Using Digital Marketing for the Business
  • Creating Brand awareness
  • Increase sales / turnover of the Business
  • Diversification ideas and viability
  • Business model changes and probable effect
  • Move ahead in business

Each of this is a topic of discussion. Send us a mail with your specific problem and we will get back to you with some Tips and Tricks to resolve your problem. This communication will be free of cost. We can also get into a business discussion and professional consultancy if required. The experts will be having more than 10 years of experience in Small Business development.

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