Monday, 19 December 2016

Become a Soft Skills Trainer or a Virtual Assistant

Before taking Soft Skills Trainer / Administrator / Virtual Assistant as a career, see whether you are good at (not an Expert) most of the things listed below:
  • Using Words, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Using Google Docs / any Cloud based document sharing folder (optional)
  • Sending Emails, Using Skype
  • Posting Blog posts on WordPress (optional)
  • Using Social Media Sites & making posts (some knowledge)
  • English Reading, Writing, Speaking (Need to be very Good in this)
  • Presenting something in front of a group (optional)
While accepting this as a Career, you need to carry forward your skills, knowledge and experience in this field and use it while taking the Training. Even if you don't know some of these things, you can easily learn them.

Soft Skills is a group of skills necessary to grow in your personal and professional life. Reading, Writing, Speaking, Presenting, Communicating through different channels all are part of Soft Skills. Giving a 5 minutes speech in a get-together, addressing a large conference, teaching students, everything needs Soft-skills. With the Internet age, the definition of Soft skill has widened and Social Media, email, Cloud based data sharing has got added to Soft Skills.

Benefits of Soft Skills Development:
  • Take a job as Soft Skills Trainer
  • Work as Soft Skills Trainer freelancer
  • Work as Administrator / Virtual Administrator
  • Work as Virtual Assistant
  • Use these skills for your overall Career Development

Investment Required:
A Laptop, Required Software like MS Office
Training charges

Duration to get started with actual work:
Between 1 month to 3 months based on your confidence level.
More practice is required than the coaching part.

This is an easy to pick-up career and within a month you can start on your own. Even if you know all above, what you need to learn is 'how to train' others on these skills. Soft skills are useful in every walk of life, so learning new soft skills or working more on the ones you already have always pays off. Working as a Virtual Assistant (VA/PA) is one of the remote jobs many ladies are picking up, where they can work from home and these skills are very useful for them.

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