Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a very popular game and many people know ping-pong, it’s a game that is played in the basement with plastic paddles in hand that makes the unique noises when a ball was struck.  Table tennis is a very famous sport worldwide, with millions of participants, big tournaments and many other things that make a sport very classy on its own.  Playing table tennis it’s very beneficial to endurance and relaxes your body with more strength and this game plays of all ages and genders on an equal filed. A game requires only two players at least, and around 30 minutes, enabling quick matches during breaks etc.

Benefits of playing table tennis
·         Hand-eye coordination: - playing table tennis improves your eye health, mental alertness, concentration and planned strategy. This game helps you to sharpen reflexes and for older people to refine plans.
·         Developmental sharpness: - in table tennis, speed, spin, and placement of the ball are crucial and players are highly skilled in both creating and solving the puzzle in this three attributes.  
·         Improves reflexes: - playing table tennis, improve your muscles strength. The game is divided by bursts of exertion and recovery, leading to fast- twitch muscle development. 
·         It’s easy on the joints: - if you had done knee surgery, back problem, twisting ankles? Play table tennis. It’s a great way to improve your leg, arm and muscle tone without overtaxing your joints.
·         Burns Calories:- Table tennis burns 272 calories by playing table tennis burns fat considering the fact that the spot is entertaining and addictive, it can be a fun and easy way to burn calories.
·         Keeps brain sharp: - table tennis increases the flow of blood to the brain, and could possibly even prevent dementia.
·         Improves coordination:-  ping pong ball as it moves quickly towards you and it helps improve hand-eye coordination.
·         Improve balance:- table tennis helps to balance your body and being able to change fast direction and is a key to being successful in ping pong fully.

        Physical Endurance- Table tennis built endurance and playing this game gives more strength. Ping pong improves agility. Because the sports require a combination of different possible movements in short period of time, agility can improve. This sport has therapeutic benefits as well, playing in correct form to minimize injuries and possibly relax muscles. Mental endurance is also one of the benefits because the sport requires concentration on the ball and your own movement, as well as the opponent’s movements.

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