Monday, 26 February 2018

Big Benefits of Learning Hadoop

Hadoop is the Open source technology that offers the new techniques for processing the big data. The Java programming language is used for writing the software framework and for managing the big data Hadoop platform is the cost-effective solution.

Features of Hadoop:
Scalable:-  Hadoop store the large data across hundreds of inexpensive server that operates in parallel that’s why Hadoop is a highly scalable platform.
Cost efficiency:-    To manage the traditional relational database management system is extremely cost prohibitive to manage the large volume of data. Hadoop provides a cost-effective storage solution for business for exploding data sets.
Flexible:- Hadoop is useful for processing data from multiple source and formats. Hadoop is pre-defined schematic and is not important for data analysis.
Handling Errors:-  For handling the error Hadoop platform plays an important role. For instance, if the node is lost the system redirects its work to another location and processing of data continues smoothly without any delay.

Career Opportunity
Out of Fortune 100 hundred senior business technology executive, 90 executives was already working with Big data. There is an urgent need for IT professionals with Hadoop experience to meet the need of growing industry demands. The data harnessing can also play a major important role in competitive plans and strategy development which requires critical skills. For the right skills, organizations pay high prices.

 Great Salary Packages:
For any organization, data is the main backbone and there is and well need of fast data processing and timely access. Therefore in many organizations, the highly skilled specialist is required and they will always be well paid. Those IT professionals who have high skills and experience related to big data such professionals enjoying the high paychecks. Hadoop also emerges as the leader in big data category. The average salary for Hadoop professionals is USD 109000 which is higher than the average of USD 106,000 for other big data jobs such as C++, JavaScript, and MySQL.

Great Company Hiring:
The major companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Cisco, eBay, Oracle and Amazon, Tata, and HP are hiring the Hadoop professionals every year. Currently, more than 15000 Hadoop skills employees are working in major companies.  Following are the role of Hadoop developer
·         Big data visualize
·         Data scientist
·         Big Data analyst
·         Big data engineer
·         Big data architect
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