Monday, 15 January 2018

Types of Health Insurance Policy

When health-related issues occur this is the costly time with hospitals offering best medical care facilities. If under any unfortunate circumstances your some loved one is hospitalized, you should be financially prepared to deal with that situation.
Health insurance is one of the types of insurance coverage which covers the cost of an insured individual and surgical expense. In health insurance terminology, the “provider” is a clinic, hospital, doctor, libratory, health care, and pharmacy.
If you enroll in any health insurance plan then the amount is either paid directly to the hospital through cashless transaction after a claim. This can provide you with a sense of safety and security since unforeseen medical emergencies can be met without any stress. The health insurance policy fulfills your all needs. Depending on your requirement you can choose the following type of insurance.

Individual Health Insurance:
The individual health insurance policy is the best health insurance policy option. This plan covers the individuals against any illnesses and ensuring medical expenses. It also covers hospitalization and surgical expenses till the cover limit is reached. This cover limit is the sum assured by your insurer. Same as the other insurance plans for this insurance you have to pay a certain amount as a premium to buy this health cover. The premium of a policy depends on the size of the policy cover. If you buy the higher limit policy then you have to pay more premium.
Family Floater Plans:
For the whole family if you want to buy health insurance plans then family floater is the best option. The family floater insurance covers the health insurance using single insurance for your entire family. If anybody in your family claims in case of hospitalization then more than one family member too can simultaneously avail the benefits of family floater insurance plan. Same as the individual plan you also have to pay money for family floater plan and only one family member has to pay. The family floater plan is the cheaper than individual Policies.
Unit Linked Health Plan:

Unit-Linked insurance health plan is a mix of investments and insurance. In this type, if a part of your premium is invested while remaining is used to buy health coverage. Your health insurance cover thus helps you to earn a return while providing you a safety net also. This return could help you to pay for your medical expenses over and above the health cover limit. The cost of the healthcare facility is rising day by day so, it is always better to have more money at your disposal. All the returns you earn through the ULHP will be paid at the end of the policy term. The health insurance plan helps to lessen the financial risks that arise from unexpected health issues. Selection of proper policy will secure you and your family life.
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