Sunday, 22 January 2017

What is going on with the Internet Data in 2017?

The way we were searching information

Let us look at some interesting facts related to the data available on the internet today. For a long time we have become habitual of searching any information on the internet instead of going to the library and searching books, but what is the current scenario with the data on the net?

Though the Search Engines like Google are keeping an eye on duplicate content, there is still a lot of duplicate content available on the internet (net).

Reviews and Comments

Multiple Companies and Product sellers are writing their own reviews (with names of different customers) to promote their product. Same thing applies to comments also.

There are tools available to spin the data (just change the way the sentence is phrased) to fool the search engines and write same data in various different format.

Search Engine Specific Content

On many websites, the content has become more for search engines and less for readers. It contains so many keywords (much more than the norm for keyword density) and users feel irritated to read the information because of these keywords (which are supposed to help the users to search the web pages with right information)

Irrelevant keywords are being added to the Articles and Blogs as the people who are paying for this content just want to promote their blogs and sites and increase their Google search rank and are least bothered about how the readers are feeling while reading the blogs.

Website Content

Many new businesses are asking content writers to take reference from other websites and re-write content for their websites, without giving any inputs for their business. Have they really thought about their business and the services they are going to provide to their clients?

As the web hosting platforms do not check spelling and grammar by default, there is a lot of data on the internet, which is full of language errors. Same goes with content errors also (incorrect details published)

Well, the Blogs are not behind. The blog content is written by authors whose name is not published or the posts are published on someone else's name.

Want to study a topic in details?

Try to research a particular topic on the internet and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the information which you can trust. The more complex is the topic, it becomes more difficult to get good information. I hope we are not going back to referencing paper books for everything again.

I am not saying that all data is bad but the quantity of garbage data is increasing day by day and it is a matter of concern! Well, there are exceptions like research institutes, colleges, Universities, Wikipedia, Government sites but such sites are not many.

What can change?

We can only hope that in 2017, the people who are paying for creating the content will be more careful about what kind of data they are generating on the net and not creating a lot of garbage on the net. The content writers have to take care of writing grammatically correct content and not using any tools to generate the content. We need more Content Creators creating quality fresh content Globally!

Remember, no-one likes to read crap and blog posts full of meaningless keywords. Take care that the data you are generating is not getting dumped and someone is reading it with interest apart from the Search Engines. Remember, the Search Engine Optimisation is moving in a direction of only promoting good content and ranking it higher in search criteria.

Have you read about the Click Fraud?

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