Saturday, 24 December 2016

Say NO to Ad Viewing and Ad Clicking Jobs

First of all, let me mention that it is perfectly fine and safe to view and click Ads on any good websites and blogs on your own. This post is about the fake jobs being offered to people for clicking the Ads, for which someone is paying you. This is a 'Click Fraud'.

This job is called ‘Ad clicking job’, ‘online clicking job’, ‘View and Click on Ads and earn money’ or ‘Easy work from Home job’ or ‘No marketing, just click on Ads and earn money’. Don’t be a prey to these jobs.  Let us see more details about this ‘fake job’. Manu job advertisers are also asking you money to give you this job.

The advertisers are paying the Ad providers money to advertise their products and services. These advertisers are publishing the Ads on different websites. When users visit the websites, they obviously see the Ads or click on them and visit the product/service websites. The Advertisers are paying the publishers for showing their Ads (similar to a Newspaper Ad)

Some people want to take disadvantage of this and ask you to click on some Ads generating fake leads/enquiries for the Advertiser. The poor advertiser pays the publisher for visitor’s interest in their business. The ‘target’ employees for these businesses are people who don’t know much about the Internet or Digital marketing like people sitting idle at home, retired people, people from small towns or students. The employer will tell you that it’s very simple, just click on Ads and get money. Don’t accept this ‘work from home’ jobs!

When you take ‘clicking Ads’ job, you are clicking on websites and Ads from your Home, your address, your IP address, your computer or smartphone; so remember only you are responsible for your act & if there are problems going to arise out of this act, those are your problems. Your email ID gets blocked, such websites get blacklisted and vanish from internet and such job offering companies also vanish after making some money.

Corporate / Multinational Companies & service providers like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. also have their teams observing this act. When you are clicking several Ads, it is getting recorded. The websites showing the Ads are also many times fake and are created only for this purpose. The businesses providing these jobs are fake, the work involves generating fake business leads and making money. Because large companies can put you into trouble on such act, small business Ads are targets, so you are asking the small business to pay for this fraud.

This is giving rise to fake jobs & fraud businesses. Say No to such jobs, as you are inviting trouble for yourself and others. Let me reiterate that, on your own, you can view and click any Ads on Internet and visit the Advertiser’s sites and even buy online products, but don’t view or click Ads because someone is paying you to do so. This is not a Small Business!

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