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After our PM Mr. Narendra Modi initiated Make In India and Startup India, there is a big boom in the Small Business sector. Let us take advantage of it and boost our business.

This Blog was only for general reading earlier. It is recently converted to a Lifestyle and Small Business Blog. If you are a owner, proprietor, partner or Director of a small Business or a Startup from India, you can send us your Business information for publishing on this Blog. Promotional content is allowed & the information will be published free of cost.

The information required is

Business Name
Type of Business
Business Details

Information should be written in professional English and should be error free. Business should be from India only. Total length of your contents should be between 300 and 500 words. Send this information as a Word document (without any URL or web links) to the below email address. The information will be reviewed and if it passes our norms and guidelines, it will be published on our blog. You will be notified by email containing link to your post. This is an initiative to promote Small Business & is also a Tech Blog.

Email address for submitting Business Information:

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