Friday, 2 June 2017

COMPROM Educational Consulting Services

The name COMPROM has come from the Competency Mapping & Profile Matching. Mr. Suyog  Nankar, Founder of Comprom has come up with this concept with his in-depth research work in Education sector. Comprom provides high-quality educational consultancy to the students who really need proper counseling and mentoring. Comprom avails Profile Mentors according to the requirement of the candidate. By using tests like DMIT, organization counsel candidates & help them make right decisions at right time about their educational & professional career.

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), is a unique scientific method of Brain Mapping based on fingerprint patterns analysis. The development of fingerprints and the human brain happens simultaneously between 13th and 19th prenatal week & they have direct co-relation between them. Through clinical trials, it has been proved that the fingerprints and multiple bits of intelligence are absolutely related. Dr. Howard Gardner discovered that multiple bits of intelligence are correlated to specific regions in the neocortex. This enables Dermatoglyphics to identify the presence and magnitudes of these Multiple Intelligences at the early stages of childhood development.

This will clarify your strengths & weaknesses. After doing the analysis of the Test Report, Profile Matching process will explore opportunities & threats for the candidate. In the counseling, with convergent thinking, the counselor will fine tune some specific goals for the candidate. Everybody should have a clear idea about his own strengths. COMPROM has become a reliable Bridge thro student- parents- Academics -Industry.

Do not wait a long! Do your child's DMIT test and find your child's interest. One call to Suyog Nankar (founder and chief consultant) will help. For more details call on number 8793163350

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