Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Why Personality Development?

Personality Development can't be confused with Personal Image building, Career development, Individual Style development and so on. Personality Development is related to thoughts, feelings, behavior & self-confidence. The way an individual behaves is because of multiple factors and understanding of 'Self' is very important in Personality Development. Though we are not going to discuss psychology over here, psychology and your upbringing plays important  roles in your personality.

While developing the personality, what is required to discuss is fist understand the person, understand his or her career aspirations or life goals (This is not just related to Career). Understand the person's aspirations and future plans. This has be an interactive discussion. Once the coach understands about the student, he / she should get into what is personality development and what is required by the student. There is no 'fit-for-all' formula in personality development coaching.

If as a coach, you understand that 'confidence development' is something which is most important for a particular student, you need to focus on that. If it's more about communication, you the student may need to join a separate class on communication. This understanding of gaps and trying to find out the right solutions is important. This coaching could not be the last coaching on this subject, in fact, it can be a start of a new more confident life for the student.

Students generally come and say that I want to develop my personality and expect to go out of the class as a different person. One needs to remember that this is not a gym, where you will look different after 3 months. This is a brain gym and the confidence lies within you and only you can change yourself. The inner changes are more important in personality development rather than buying a new pair of clothes and looking different. You can always look confident, but being confident and speaking confidently needs some work. You can transform your future with a better personality. Soft skills development can be a part of your overall personality development needs.

Personality development could be for college students, home makers, entrepreneurs, working professionals, anyone who wants to be happier in future life. An important learning step for Small Business owners to make your impression on the customers.

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