Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to Write Effective Emails for different Readers?

Email conversation can be categorised into different types:
  • Personal / friendly emails
  • Office email, reply to office emails from colleagues, co-workers (Small / Medium Businesses)
  • Professional emails / Corporate emails
  • Marketing emails
Each one of this type has it's own attributes, which we can see in below post:

In Personal / friendly emails; when you are writing an email, there will be a purpose in today's mobile-friendly world. That purpose need to be achieved and the reason for email should be known to your friend, family member or a neighbour. Though the tone can be always friendly and personal, you need to maintain the basic email writing style to convey the message properly & not to make it a chat conversation.

In Office emails, we are considering small, medium scale companies and Offices (except large multinational Organisations) where lot of daily work depends on emails. Here the tone can be semi-professional as most of the employees know each other well but the content of email is totally business specific, so that tone and seriousness need to be maintained. Proofreading is important here. Avoid over communication and under communication also. Use proper subject line.

It is not important which email client you use for sending and receiving emails but the format, content, effective subject line are the important parameters. In Corporate companies you will end-up using different Email clients instead of webmail to keep the communication safe and secure.

In Professional emails, you may be talking to people whom you don't know or they are from your team but are located internationally and the tone always need to be professional. There are norms about Do's and Don'ts of professional email which need to be followed. Again, there are Organisation specific norms also about the Corporate emails which should be considered. There are norms about using the email headers (To, Cc, Bcc) also. Proofreading is most important here. Avoid over communication, nobody in Corporates like to read long emails. Use subject line effectively.

The Marketing emails are altogether a different game. In the World of Digital Marketing, you have to make people read your email and there could be follow-up emails also without making the readers frustrated. Marketing emails normally have different paths decided on your response and same / similar emails are not sent to all customers or probable customers. You need to plan these emails in advance. Proofreading and creating templates is important here. Use subject line of each template in a thoughtful way.

Learn more about how to send each type of emails and use the email effectively. This is very important for Small Business owners.

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